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Design Consultancy

As an independent consultancy, we help design new Employee Benefits Schemes that meet specific aims. Whatever your budget we deliver maximum value from your benefits spend and optimise employee engagement.

If you have existing arrangements, we undertake an initial audit to identify any issues that may lead to costly shortfalls or not meet the aims of the scheme. We know that employee benefits expectations are high, so we create schemes to satisfy those needs. We strongly believe that the purpose of employee benefits is to nurture, protect and engage as well as to attract.

We treat every scheme as significant, with the same rigorous attention to detail, reviewing the terms and conditions of each one regularly. In particular, given the extremely competitive market for group insurance and healthcare benefit schemes, we review the whole market during our reviews, rather than a restricted panel of providers. This has regularly resulted in significant cost savings for our clients.

For more information, simply call us on 020 7709 5560 or complete the online contact form.

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Nurture, protect and engage your employees

The recruitment and retention of the right staff are vital for every business. In today’s evolving employee benefit landscape, we deliver the flexibility, insight and simplicity you need.

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