Employee WealthcareTM

Our approach

Traditionally many employers have benefits in place simply as they believe that they have to have them. Pleasingly many employers still want to be the employer of choice for their key people and prospective employees. We are at a time of change and employee benefits can be so much more valuable than just an aid to recruitment and retention.

We developed Employee WealthcareTM to take advantage of decades of experience, utilising latest technology to communicate benefits and support employers. We recognised that most benefit programmes treat employees as “scheme members” rather than individuals so Employee Wealthcare focusses on the personal needs and desired outcomes of the individual employee while protecting the value of the employer’s business and obtaining the best return on their benefit spend.

The right benefits, at the right time, for the right people

Our Employee WealthcareTM and ethos of “nurture, protect and engage” considers the 3 interlinked aspects of existing and prospective benefit schemes; bringing together mental, financial, and physical wellbeing. Now more than ever people need help to stay physically fit, mentally healthy, financially resilient and professional – expert advice can help them achieve Financial Control = Better Financial & Mental Wellbeing = Improved Physical Wellbeing

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The financial wellbeing of our staff is an important consideration for our organisation and we have been delighted with the support that Cartlidge Morland provides in this area.
The CM team combine a depth of technical knowledge with approachability and ‘plain English’ communication skills that enables them to provide a much appreciated service for our staff.

David Hamilton, Director of Finance, BFBS.

Communicating the benefits to your people

Employee Wealthcare Incorporates benefit design, implementation, advice & communication for employers.

Communication of your wellbeing programme is vital as main scheme benefits often incorporate valuable ancillary benefits, rewards for engagement and the involvement of family members. Having the benefit does not necessarily tell the story to the employee how this actually might help them, how it works, what changes should be made and about any other additional benefits it provides.

Why Employee WealthcareTM ?

Nurture, protect and engage your employees

The recruitment and retention of the right staff are vital for every business. In today’s evolving employee benefit landscape, we deliver the flexibility, insight and simplicity you need. 

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