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Inheritance Tax Planning

Increases in the value of property and investments, as well as Government vigilance in closing legislative loopholes, have resulted in inheritance tax exerting a much greater negative impact on personal finances. Inheritance Tax Planning is vital to ensure the best interests of you and your beneficiaries.

While there are legitimate ways to reduce the amount of inheritance tax your beneficiaries may be liable for, many miss the opportunity to ensure that their children inherit the most they possibly can.

We help you identify the extent of the problem and advise you on the most appropriate way to mitigate it. We might implement the means for your beneficiaries to fund the inheritance tax due or help you plan gifts to them during your lifetime – critically ensuring that you only gift away what you can afford to give. Via the use of trusts, we enable you to gift value now to help your inheritance tax position over time. You can for example specify the eventual use of the money, or use trusts to help you retain varying degrees of access to capital or income if you need it.

Where you wish to gift capital outright to a beneficiary, we will help you determine where best to take this from and any tax implications of doing so. Where gifts are made into trust, we will take on the management of the money, investing it responsibly for your chosen beneficiaries and help with distributing the capital to them in the most tax efficient way.

In certain situations, specialised tax privileged investments might be used. We research the horizon of appropriate investments, make recommendations on which ones to use and then consider them in any ongoing review of your inheritance tax planning.

Where necessary we will refer you to a specialist solicitor, for example in creating the Will you need or in writing bespoke trusts to meet your specific requirements.

There are many routes you could take and in a highly complex area, we provide specialist insight and advice in adopting the right approach for you.

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Past performance is not a guide to the future. The value of investments and income arising may go down as well as up.

The level and bases of reliefs from taxation may change. Statements relating to taxation are based upon current taxation laws and practices, which are subject to change.

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