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Retirement Planning

We simplify the jargon to make your retirement plan easy to understand. Your pension in retirement depends on what you have invested in it. We look at the quality of your investments, what you are charged and how you choose to withdraw them. We help you make the right choices to build the fund you need.

Funding retirement

We advise you independently, of the most suitable pension, that fit your circumstances and your retirement ambitions. If you have accumulated a considerable fund already, or are continuing to invest into pensions substantially, a more sophisticated pension scheme will likely be suitable. This will allow you the flexibility to invest your money strategically with a choice of quality investments.

We consider fundamental aspects of your tax affairs such as where your contribution should come from – whether from your business or from you, personally – the tax relief available, the annual allowance for contributions and whether you can bring forward any unused allowances from previous tax years.

Consolidating your pension funds into one may be appropriate, however it may also be in your best interests to retain one or more of your existing pension arrangements where specific contractual benefits are worth keeping. We will analyse your pension schemes to establish what is best for you and ensure that you do not lose what is rightfully yours.

Once an appropriate combination of pensions has been determined, we will invest and manage the money for you. We are able to do so in any pension we might recommend and in most cases, within existing arrangements you may retain.

We are qualified and experts in advising on the following:

  • Personal pension plans
  • Occupational pension plans
  • Group personal pension plans
  • Self-invested personal pension plans (SIPP)
  • Small self-administered schemes (SSAS)
  • Defined benefit / final salary pensions

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Retirement income

Retiring with the income you need and in the manner you want is of primary importance. We help you fund your pension with this in mind and then leading up to retirement, help you with the most appropriate method of accessing your fund. We advise you on the tax implications of taking benefits, such as the impact of the lifetime allowance and the use of the cash lump sum you can take before income tax becomes payable.

With our distinctive approach to investment management, our highly experienced team of investment managers and with financial planning advice, we help ensure your pension fund lasts – implementing an appropriate strategy for drawing down value from your fund, from investments designed to meet your income requirements or in acquiring the highest rate of guaranteed income for where this becomes relevant.

We ensure that you have nominated your beneficiaries and provide you with all of the guidance you need on passing your pension fund to those you choose in a tax efficient manner.

For more information, simply call us on 020 7709 5560 or complete the online contact form.

Past performance is not a guide to the future. The value of investments and income arising may go down as well as up.

The level and bases of reliefs from taxation may change. Statements relating to taxation are based upon current taxation laws and practices, which are subject to change.


Nurture, protect and enjoy your investment journey

We work closely with our clients to provide a range of financial services which meet their individual requirements. Find out more about how they benefit from our personalised approach.

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